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Friday 19 November 2010

Welcome to e107
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Bassy Stacy of conducted an interview with guitarist Jeff Kendrick of Santa Barbara, California's DEVILDRIVER on August 10, 2010 at Slim's in San Francisco, California. You can now watch the chat below.

DEVILDRIVER has set "Beast" as the title of its fifth album, due on February 22, 2011 via Roadrunner Records. The CD was recorded at Sonic Ranch studios in Tornillo, Texas with producer Mark Lewis (TRIVIUM, CHIMAIRA, ALL THAT REMAINS) and is currently being mixed by acclaimed British producer Andy Sneap (MEGADETH, EXODUS, MACHINE HEAD, NEVERMORE, ARCH ENEMY) at his Backstage studio in Derbyshire, England. The band recorded 14 songs during the "Beast" sessions, with 11 or 12 tracks expected to make the final cut.

Songtitles set to appear on the CD include:

* Dead to Rights
* Hardened
* Bring The Fight (To the Floor)
* Shitlist
* Talons Out (Teeth Sharpened)
* Blur
* You Make Me Sick (Sacred Secrets)
* The Blame Game
* Coldblooded
* Crowns of Creation
* Lend Myself to the Night

"The record is extreme," vocalist Dez Fafara told Revolver magazine. "And it attacks from start to finish. If you liked [2007's] 'The Last Kind Words', this is like that on steroids and crank, driving a Buick Skylark 200 miles an hour straight to Vegas."

"I felt like I was waking up and experiencing a moment of clarity that brought out all these pissed off, negative emotions," Fafara said of making the album. "It's an all-out release of pain.

"It's been a beast of a year and a half, and it's still going," he added.

DEVILDRIVER's latest CD, "Pray For Villains", sold around 14,600 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 35 on The Billboard 200 chart.

Posted by: deedee
on Friday Feb 24 2017

Welcome to e107
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Hi to all. Hope you are well. If I may have just a few more moments of your time..
This is Darlene Francis and this is a real pleasure to have this moment to reach you. We have spoken before,briefly, about my event and it's listing. Rock The Silence,
Rock Against Abuse, on this day of April 23, 2011. As my associates, I feel necessary to keep up informed of all progress at all times.
    The reason for this letter is : To announce the official physical address of our first venue.

    * The venue address is located for our first official venue is:

    * Ken Pinkstaff/ Sean Moran

    * Unchained Studios Unlimited

    * 451 Ontario, Ca.

    * 91761

    * (909) 390- 5547
    [li Gunner Slinger and Sean Moran Unchained Studios Unlimited-
    rsr "trip' radio- red sea rising-
    Red Sea Rising.

      I now have my networking media that we would like to personally introduce to you, if I may.
      I would like to take this time to announce to you that my associates and myself are now proud
      entrepreneur's of cbd Multimedia Network Broadcasting aka/ cbd Media Networks ©2010.


        * cdb Media network- channel 1 /
        child protective awareness channel -

          We have three radio stations, and live-streamed television, with two channels.
          We also have access to over ten radio stations at the moment, and three TV stations. that are
          live streaming including access to live air broadcasting as well.

          * rsr "trip' radio, featuring DJ's Madd Brad and Kim Lee, both of whom ROCK to incredible music

          and offer the audience fabulous LIVE shows! We would like to invite you to that site to hear their
          music and their fantastic sense of humor. ( it is a trip)

            We’re not just a radio station. It’s all about the music.

            Please check out all of our sites.

            * Especially our live productions team and site at Karma Media Group.

            The live streaming is an incredible experience. While watching superb LIVE production, and listening to our
            LIVE DJ's as well. OUR DJ's offer an awesome variety mix of music and continual support. The site offers the
            options of upload, where you personally can uoload your music, and our DJ's will be glad to play it,, LIVE streamed.
            We promote YOUR music for free and we are most happy to "share", and chat on our chat lines where we have five radio
            stations where we rotate twenty two DJ's from fifteen countries. We have acquired an audience of
            over five thousand listeners in less than three months.

            * We have also teamed up and joined with many other organizations, and non-profit organizations including the

            following :
            [ Darlene Francis- Women's Global Justice -
            - ( my official site-)
            M>A>C>I> Mothers Against Computer Invasion - Org/160697410609994

              lAnjeza at Bechlem*
                C.M. Carroll at Toil Records - major distribution label/Indie
                  Karma Media Groups - Psy Nations /digital masters/ my official sit
                    RPJ Promotions / tb40/ Belgium 40-RPj Promotions/ & Tb40 /the belgian 40-
                      pimp- portal community-
                        Michelle Lovetro at angelentertainmentfoundation

                            Gunner Slinger-Unchained Studios Unlimited-
                            rsr "trip radio- red sea rising- -( my official sites )

                            * We are looking for all media contacts to cross traffic with our current software - FAM BROADCASTING SYSTEMS-
                            and our 2T3's hp. Lines. Viewers Capabilities Software, and HUB links. We also are requesting information
                            about each and all capabilites of all integration server capacities for contact connection at World Headquarters
                            here at Unchained Studios Unlimited, / / rsr "trip"radio
                            Located here at Inland Empire, just (within the proximity) of the Hollywood, California area.

                            * We are also looking for media contacts in the following countries

                            * Europe, Canada, Indonesia, Australia, Sweden, Africa and USA-

                            * We at Unchained Studios Unlimited need all contacts linked to our communications network- for our major world wide telethon-Rock The Silence, rock against abuse on this day of April 23,2011. If you know any radio stations, or media of any kind, including DJ's , news teams, engineers, video-graphers, productions managers, PR, and announcers. Please if you would send them over to me, or possibly suggest as friends. As this event is world/wide, and I have many world/wide events scheduled. I need any and all participation to join in with us on this day!!!! I now use my media team and their assitance to upload videos of missing children and the future holds, much more for this particular project.

                            *If you or anyone you know would like to participate at this event or this project
                            in any way!! please don't hesitate to make contact you are most welcome to join our team of experts!!

                            *Send your band to our website for worldwide radio play
                            consideration, including film production. The venue site here at Unchained Studios
                            Unlimited has almost 45,000 sq.ft. This is a music complex that holds approximately
                            500 people. Not to mention that this venue provides a multi function unit. Demos
                            to top end recording, complete full service rehearsal/recording studio, film production,
                            radio/television broadcasting studio, audio/video trade school, record label, concert venue
                            and more. We provide live video feed for your music. Events including rock and roll, country,
                            jazz , blues and more.

                            * We also have direct access for and to several other locations that have larger facilities as far as venues.
                            And we ourselves have three other studios inside the United States. We have major plans for the future, and offer
                            opportunity for our children, and others.

                            Outsources available to us

                            1. Artist Development
                            2. Music publisher – Pinkstaff Publishing
                            3. Record Label – Three Worlds Away Records
                            4. Full Songwriting Staff
                            5. Extensive catalog of music for film and television.

                            Also don't forget to get by and check out our new album by Red Sea Rising

                            [Feel free to "share" this announcement to your friends. We would be most grateful.
                            Thank you- we do appreciate your time. Please touch base with me as soon as possible, as I a wait our next conversation, and look forward to it.
                            402-972-0098 - Dee
                            909- 390- 5547 - Gunner

                            Darlene Francis- official sites- (my official sites )
                            * cdbnetwork- channel 1
                            http://livestream/s2Bc-child protective awareness channel 2
                            * -

                            * Unchained Studios Unlimited-
                            rsr "trip' radio- red sea rising-

                            Darlene Francis
                            Women's Global Justice Org.
                            Rock Against Abuse ©2010
                            Rock The Silence ©2010- April 23,2011
                            Darlene Francis USA- VP/Founder- Women's Global Justice Org.
                            creator-/ CEO/ Founder - Rock The Silence©2010

                            /CEO cdb Media Network ©2010
                            protective awareness channel
                            Media network - RPj Promotions
                            /Moderator/ Owner/Karma -Media - Group -

                            /CEO/Founder- M>A>C>I>- Mother's Against Computer Invasion-
                            PR/ administrator/promoting -Gunner Slinger- red sea rising/

                            /promoting / C.M. Carroll - Toil Records- major distribution label- Indie

                            Posted by: deedee
                            on Friday Feb 24 2017

                            Welcome to e107
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                            [html] Welcome to your new website! e107 has installed successfully and is now ready to accept content.
                            Your administration section is located here, click to go there now. You will have to login using the name

                            © Rock The Silence - Darlene Francis/ Gunner Slinger- redsearising & Karma Media Group & The Rock Against Abuse is the 21st Century Movement
                            On Sat. April 23, 2011
                            presented by: The Women's Global Justice Organization
                            official website- / ( website- Email - -email-)
                            / www/ /
                            / -

                            * Also presented by: Bechlem* / RPJ Promotions/ Karma -Media -Group / angelentertainmentfoundationOrg./pimp-portal/ Belgian 40/TB40/digitalmasters/ Mother's Against Computer Invasion ( M>A>C>I>)/ cdb Media-Network /unchained studios unlimited/ redsearising/toil records
                            * Women's Global Justice Organization is having a world wide recycling day for all humanity. We are inviting you including the charity of your choice to attend. No charity will be left out, all are welcome. (ANY CHARITY) . We are asking that you collect for the the good of all humanity and the earth aluminum, that will raise funds for charities all across our awesome globe. Also anything that will clean up this world. To make this day enjoyable and rewarding we are including entertainment concerts all day, as well as a variety of entertainment. So we hope you will volunteer your time, help organize events, offer what ever talent you can bring to the events, or even help sponsor the events.

                            * This is about a massive explosion to break the silence and "stop" all kinds of abuse at the same time all over the world! Many events are scheduled in many different countries. We are looking for people to organization or to host recycling events in these countries listed below in our confirmations. There will be many more scheduled. Please contact one of our associates listed below for more details and legalities.

                            * Our goal is to educate the children on how important it is to make a difference on the planet and in the lives of others. To offer therapeutic recovery and hope to victims and children. We also wish to spread awareness and offer all support in every area of abuse. And to include the children as much as possible at the events, from collecting recyclables to talent.

                            o These world - wide global recycling (events) are focused to speak out and to reach out for the innocent in their honor
                            o These world - wide global recycling (events) are for all Humanity and the future of our children.

                            * For all charities - For all non-profit organizations

                            Rock The Silence-Rock Against abuse is focused on all and every kind of reason and cause. From bullying, eating disorders, homeless, war- vets, poverty, disaster victims, child abuse, domestic abuse and or assault, HIV and diseases, including cancer due to emotional stress and chemicals in our food and water. There are many other reasons of abuse. We support them all.
                            Rock The Silence-Rock The silence has the potential of raising a phenomenal amount of dollars for charity simply by recycling.

                            * We could purify the air in which we live and breathe

                            * We have the knowledge- WE have the factories

                            There are no excuses for Environmental Neglect
                            * Did you know that approximately 500 billion cans of aluminum, are not recycled every year?
                            •Plastic bags are petroleum-based and do not biodegrade. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency. Americans use more than 380 billion plastic bags and wraps each year. Less than 5% of plastics are recycled worldwide!
                            •Sea turtles and other murine creatures mistake ocean debris as food and consume it, causing them death. Plastic toxins end up inside the fish, which end up inside our bodies.

                            There are no excuses for Child Neglect
                            * Did you know there is a report of child abuse made every ten seconds?

                            * Almost five children die everyday as a result of child abuse. More than three out of four are under the age of 4
                            * About 30% of abused and neglected children will later abuse their own children.

                            * 74.3% of high school students have tried alcohol.
                            * In a recent study, 77% of the students said they had been bullied. And 14% of those who were bullied said they experienced severe (bad) reactions to the abuse.
                            * 3.1 million teenagers smoke, according to the American Lung Association.
                            * The average age of entry into the sex trade in the between 11 and 12 years old.

                            -Fact a DWI offender gets a stronger punishment than a child molester

                            There are no excuses for Animal Neglect
                            * Did you know our exotic creatures have become endangered and on the verge of extinction all because of the every day torture and brutal killings. They are slaughtered simply just for the heck of it, skinned alive for their furs, and slain for their tusks for monetary value or accessories. Even worse, the manufacturing of human consumption, which is sickening. Not to mention, the conduction of scientific experiments and the animal fights which are barbaric. Including the seal, dolphin, and whale hunts that are destroying our murine life.
                            -Fact a first time animal abuse offender is only a misdemeanor.

                            Rock The Silence Is A Day Of Hope
                            * We feel the children look up to entertainers, artists, and consider them as role models and offer inspiration in positive aspects.
                            * We feel the children and the innocent need something to look forward to when their lives have been so tragic, and we wish to offer them opportunity, and therapeutic light on this day of blessing to shine that light in their eyes and offer hope to change their life.

                            Women's Global Justice Confirmations
                            Headlining:-The Garden Of Eden- Blacksmith- Mantar Vision- Testament
                            :Anjeza/ aka.Angie Gega - singer/model/actress/dancer - LA, CA.-singing/ choreographing a dance/speech-
                            :Alan Steward /Belgium,UK.- electronica-
                            :Anto Singodejemo w/ Liberty - Bali, Indonesia (rock n roll concert)-!/profile.php?id=100000398194848
                            :Barry Burford / Mantar Vision - UK. (techno/electronic /rhythm/dance)-
                            :Bobby Holmberg /Blacksmith- Sweden (rock n roll concert)-
                            :Bret Duseigne / Testament - Calgary, Canada (rock n roll concert)-!/profile.php?id=538326741&v=info
                            :Brian C Schlenger - Venice, Florida (artist) art gallery and art-show-!/profile.php?id=1490745112
                            :Craig Katzakian - / Odessah-Sacramento, Ca. -
                            an Crenshaw - The Garden of Eden -
                            :Gunner Slinger - Red Sea Rising - www/ /
                            :Joel Amen Heslop / MR. Spoon -vocalist-Wales,UK. (rock n roll concert)-
                            :Kim Osberg- / Skull Valley Scavengers / Sweden (rock n roll concert)-
                            :Cleymans Bart/ Mantar Vision-Belgium-UK.(rock n roll concert)-
                            :Rick Snyder- Manager / KK Matrin LA, Ca. (rock n roll concert)-!/profile.php?id=1637660775
                            :Richie Blackwood / Blackwood- New York- wrestling extravaganza, (rock n roll concert)-

                            * Also Announcing: W. Coast Line - up/USA
                            * Michelle Lovetro- and angelentertainmentfoundation Org. presents:

                            : A.C. Knight - LA, Ca. rock n roll concert w/ Angels In America- Rock/Pop/Funk/Soul/ concert-
                            : Chloe Jordache: has worked with Quincy Jones and wants to stay involved with us. / singer-(concert)
                            : Brooke Rose- singer (concert)
                            : Emma Winkler - actress/singer. (concert)
                            : Brandon Tyler Russell- model/singer. (concert)

                            : John Harrison Taylor - singer (concert)
                            : Sam Santiago - singer -(concert) auditioned for America's Got Talent
                            Many more-- soon.

                            * Joey Daniels & The East Coast Line- Up Coming Soon!

                            * Announcing as Volunteers

                            :Acklee King - 2002 Grammy / Hall Of Fame inductee - w/Jr. Walkers Allstar Band - Promote
                            :Jenda Deringer-Silent Auction Director:Michellle Miller- Human Rights Research Specialist:Jordan Elder - artist/ designing company logo/merchandising- Texas:Britiny Pena- photographer:Joyce Taft-Promoting / UK:Brian Schlenger - artist / designing company logos/merchandising-Florida:Mike Davis - promoting / California:Joey Daniels - Promoting / Carolinas /entertainment:Joel Heslop - Promoting -Wales / advertising / entertainment:Angie Gega - promoting California:Barry Burford - advertising / graphics designing/ tech support/ promoting/producing:Donna Eason - book-keeping:Thomas Irving- promoting/ Canada:Rick Burden - promoting /Africa
                            /Savage Pat/ Jorge Arthur Guimares / Zee Abundance

                            * Announcing Event Global - Sponsor Volunteers

                            :on site adoptions- Humane Society
                            :on site blood drive- Red Cross

                            * Silent Auctions: art donated by Brian Schlenger / guitar-donated by Barry Burford

                            * Promoting/Advertising/& Productions

                            Women's Global Justice Org. Announces Our Head Promoter - Mr. Acklee King-
                            * Barry Burford-Digital Skunk (RPJ/TB40)- Producer-/CEO-Founder/Karma-Media-Group/pimp-portal/RPJ Promotions/TB40/DJ-guitarist -Mantar Vision/
                            * Paul 'PSR' Ryder (RPJ/TB40) -Producer-CEO/Founder-pimp-portal/RPJ promotions/digital masters/TB40/DJ-
                            * CliveWire (RPJ PROMOTIONS)-
                            * Joel Amen Heslop- Producer.RPJ Promotions/ TB40/DJ-vocalist Mr.Spoon/
                            * Patricia Dewitte -!/profile.php?id=1575624454
                            * Cleymans Bart- vocalist -Mantar Vision/Belgian 40/
                            * Pat-CEO/ Founder/pimp-portal community/ CSM Content Management Systems//
                            * C.M. Carroll - Toil Records- major distribution label - Indie
                            * Heloisa Vidal- Brazil-www.brasilmusicpress.com
                            * Mary Frey-Celebrity-, GA.

                            * Advertising

                            * Karen Kernan -CEO/ The Beachbager- Direct Delivery Advertising in Saratosa, Florida- E-mail- -email-
                            * -email-
                            * RPJ -email-
                            * CDB Media Network --
                            * Karma- Media- Group-RPJ Promotions/RESIDENT DJ'S-
                            * TOIL ROCK Radio-Philadelphia, Pa.-
                            *Pat- Pimp Portal Community/CMS-
                            Thank you
                            women's global justice org. contact information:The Women's Global Justice Org.- (Official Website) - E-mail ( -email-)

                            * Sid Hingerty UK.- CEO/Founder- Women's Global Justice Org./ Global Humanitarian/supporting, orphanages, victims ( animal sanctuaries)-VP/Rock The Silence/ CEO/cdb Media- Network /c.d.wgjo-skype/ -email-/

                            * Darlene Francis - Nashville,TN - VP/Founder- Women's Glogal Justice Org./ Global Humanitarian/supporting children, victims,(animal sanctuaries)/creator/CEO/ Founder - Rock The Silence - CEO/Founder- M>A>C>I> Mothers Against Computer Invasion/Moderator- owner-Karma-Media-Group/CEO-cdb Media Network/dee.rockthesilence1-skype/ -email-

                            * Michelle Lovetro- LA Cali.- CEO /Founder- angelentertainmentfoundation/ US. Events Manager- Women's Global Justice Org. http//www.angelentertainmentfoundation@org/

                            * Anjeza /aka.Angie Gega - LA, Cali.- CEO/Founder- Bechlem*/ US.Director -Women's Global Justice Org./818-256-6995/

                            * Barry Burford - Producer-UK. CEO/Founder- RPJ Promotions/ Owner-Karma -Media- Group/ CEO-cdb Media Media Network/pimp-portal/TB40/ DJ & UK. Director- Women's Global Justice Group Org.(Guitarist)- Mantar Vision/

                            * Joel Amen Heslop- Producer-/RPJ Promotions/TB40/DJ /& UK- Wales Director/Events Manager-Women's Global Justice Org./(vocalist) Mr. Spoon/
                            * Patricia Dewitte - UK.-CEO/Founder-Belgian 40/ & UK. Belgium Director/ Events Manager- Research Analyist-Women's Global Justice Org./Bent u klaar voor de revolutie? Est-ce que vous etes pret pour la revolution ? Are you ready...?/ & UK.Events Manager-Belgium Director-Women's Global Justice Org./

                            * Paul "psr" Ryder CEO/pimp-portal/ RPJ Promotions/ digital masters/& UK. Events Manager -London Director-Women's Global Justice Org. /

                            * Irma Mejia -Assistant Director of BECHLEM*/

                            * Michelle Miller- Research Archivist-ESPERE Ltd./Womens Global Justice Org. Research Specialist- -email-

                            * Maria Robbins/Canadian Director- & Events Manager- Women's Global Justice Org../

                            * Maria Murie - CEO/Innocent Voices- & UK., Scotland Director & Events Manager- Women's Global Justice Org../
                            Posted by: deedee
                            on Friday Feb 24 2017

                            Cyber Crime
                            create pdf of this news itemprinter friendly
                            Darlene Francis - essay on cyber crime/redsearising/cbd Media Network

                            What is there to say about Myspace?
                            How do we control the mis - guided individuals that prey on the innocent victims on myspace? These are questions that I ask myself often.
                            Well first of all, Myspace needs better security.

                            Myspace is an open invitation to exposing ourselves to the unwanted. Predators that have no conscience, or integrity. Predators that are down with
                            the sickness, and contain evil in their souls. The irony of it all, is that we know this, but yet we continue to play this dangerous game. Even letting our children expose themselves to
                            this instability. It is a heads or tails coin that is tossed into the air, it's the luck of the draw.

                            Whether we seek for or have been searched out. Whether to accept or to deny. It is a chance we all have taken, and so the games of insanity have begun.
                            Choosing exactly how much we involve someone in our real lives, can become a burden to remain control. The pressures of selecting our words so carefully
                            so that we do not misrepresent ourselves, have become a challenge within itself. Our choices become reality. And before we know it, communications have
                            been misinterpreted, our intentions have been misdiagnosed, then we are, and have been mis-judged as a person. It doesn't seem fair to me how online
                            relationships are destined for self destruction. It doesn't seem right to me how our actions and the distance between, can destroy a friendship so quickly. One wrong move. Game over.

                            Myspace players usually have fake motives, they are usually one-track minded, insisting to win. The rules are, there are no rules. You set
                            your own rules and you have your own standards, only of us don't play fair. There are the players that are superficial and just play the game
                            to traumatize or torture their opponents in every way possible. They live for the game of fake comments, cheating and jealousy. They live just for
                            mere spite of the unthinkable, even worse, the unmentionable. Not even realizing, they are not only destroying the lives of others, but also their
                            own, nor, do they seem to care. They strive for popularity and idol gossip. They strive for victory and they do what it takes to achieve their victory.
                            How you play this game and with whom is your choice? I for one choose not to par-take in a phasad game with false moves or motives, especially just
                            to take advantage of someone else. I refuse to play a pretentious game of friendship that will not benefit me at all in real life or destroy some one the life of others. After all this is
                            Myspace, and what I do with MY SPACE is my choice.

                            My coin is real, is yours?

                            © Copyright2010
                            Darlene Francis
                            [Submitted by deedee]
                            Posted by: warchilin66
                            on Friday Feb 24 2017

                            SILENT GREED
                            create pdf of this news itemprinter friendly

                            I do encourage everyone to stay creative, and make life fun. and To involve everyone, especially the children as much as possible. We loose our life like inner child-
                            There are those that are not involved in POWER and revenue, or greed, that are just blue - collar people that have beautiful hearts. Those don't and aren't concerned with materialist wealth. But care for the wealth and riches of the perfect world that was created by god, - a perfect world, but no so perfect earth.

                            To make change for the environment and ecological issues. Issues that have us are concerned about the safety and for the future of their children.
                            There are those people that are not concerned about FAME .And have genuine motives, with this concept. And want to be speak for the one's that cannot be heard, in their honor, for the victim's, the survivor's and their families, and for the one's that have passed. In their respect.

                            Let their voices be heard. The silence must be broken. ROCK THE SILENCE is about their voice and their survival, in their honor.

                            Has mankind just taken in and drawn out this evil manipulation and warfare of destruction, exposing it's vicious games of control, that is out of control. What has
                            happened to our society? Have we as it's victim's and the innocent, just laid it to rest, or have become deniable of the enablers, just accepted this
                            abuse and corruption as everyday behavior to be acceptable? HAVE WE JUST LOST THE COMPASSION TO CARE? FEELING THERE IS NO HOPE, THAT THE WORLD IS DESTINED FOR DESTRUCTION NO MATTER WHAT?
                            A WORLD SO PERFECTLY, CREATED AND NOW SO VICIOUSLY DESTROYED BY IGNORANCE AND GREED., TO BE DESTROYED BY INHUMANITY. A world created by GOD, shall be helped by those that believe in their faith and shall do their best to attempt to make this world a better place for the future of our children and the innocent that cannot protect themselves. An attempt to speak on their behalf. An attempt to rock that silence. that attempt will ROCK THE DESTRUCTION OF SILENCE.

                            ss us all.
                            Darlene Francis
                            © Copyright2010

                            [Submitted by deedee]
                            Posted by: warchilin66
                            on Friday Feb 24 2017

                            ROCK THE SILENCE
                            create pdf of this news itemprinter friendly
                            Darlene Francis/redsearising/ Gunnerslinger/Womens' Global Justice Org. cbd Media Network

                            Rock The Silence
                            Rock Against Abuse April 23, 2011

                            -Our exotic creatures have become endangered and on the verge of extinction. The every day torture of these animals, slaughtered simply just for the hell of it,
                            skinned alive for their furs or slain for their tusks, all for monetary value or accessories. Even worse, the manufacturing of human consumption is sickening.
                            Not to mention, the Conduction of scientific experiments and the animal fights which are barbaric.

                            o These world wide global recycling events are to speak for the innocent in their honor
                            o These world wide global recycling events are for the future of our children
                            o These world wide global recycling events are for all Humanity, all charities

                            o We could purify the air in which we live and breathe
                            o We have the knowledge
                            o We have the factories

                            * There Are No Excuses

                            id you know that approximately 500 billion cans of aluminum, do not get recycled every year?

                            •Plastic bags are petroleum-based and do not biodegrade.
                            •Sea turtles and other marine creatures mistake ocean debris as food and consume it, causing them death. Plastic toxins end up in the fish, which end up inside our bodies.
                            •According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, Americans use more than 380 billion plastic bags and wraps each year
                            •Less than 5% of plastics are recycled worldwide!

                            o A Day Of Hope

                            * We feel the children look up to entertainers, artists, and consider them as role models and offer inspiration in positive aspects.
                            * We feel the children and the innocent need something to look forward to when their lives have been so tragic, and we wish to offer them opportunity.
                            * We feel that we can come together as a blessing on this day to shine light in their eyes.
                            * We feel these events will shine that light of opportunity and offer hope to changer their life.

                            -Please Contact:
                            Sid Hingerty UK- CEO/Founder- Global Leader / supporting children, victims , sanctuarys
                            c.d_wgjo - skype
                            Darlene Francis USA- VP/Founder-Global Leader / supporting children, victims, sanctuarys
                            Darlene Francis/ Founder / CEO - Rock The Silence

                            dee.rockthesilence1- skype
                            Anjeza/ aka. Angie Gega - Founder/ CEO Bechlem*

                            Barry Burford

                            Women's Global Justice Org.
                            also presented by: Bechlem*/RPJ Promtions/Karma Media/cdb Media-Network
                            Rock Against Abuse
                            © Rock The Silence Copyright2010
                            April 23, 2011
                            [Submitted by deedee]
                            Posted by: warchilin66
                            on Friday Feb 24 2017

                            male abuse
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                            Darlene Francis- cbd media/womens global justice org.redsearising/gunner slinger

                            I am Darlene Francis and this is a real pleasure to be asked to share some words of enlightenment for male victim's
                            as male victims are the most embarrassed in my opinion. And the hardest of all victims to come forward than any of us, the humiliation is so devastating for a male victim.

                            “It takes real courage for guys to admit to being abused and then get help for it. It seems it is harder for the male gender to express emotion
                            that is a known fact.

                            The facts and figures of child abuse is a well known fact, and that fact is every second of every day across this planet
                            a child is beaten or molested, Every 20 seconds a child has gone missing in the United States alone
                            and every day a child was killed on the earth, by a vicious attack of someone they knew or someone they trusted or someone
                            we as adults trusted or we as their parents, as horrible as it is have beat and tortured and killed our own children.
                            We have put the fear of god in our own children and our children have become a victim of society and nightmare
                            surrounds their day. A day by night, a day to survive in their world is a silent battle that no one hears. Statistics show
                            that three out of ten adults know, or know of a child that is in a dangerous situation and do nothing to help, for reasons
                            of no involvement. And for reasons of their own. Those reasons lead to a child's death and those reasons should also
                            be unacceptable., and penalized.

                            The world is becoming more aggressive and the stresses have become more noticed, in our children eyes, our animals and in
                            our ways that we behave. The world is a fast paced rat - race of each to it's own, to bitter end. What has happened to better end?
                            What has become of the ways to live and to protect, especially our children. If we do not protect them who will? WHO? The guilt
                            goes both ways, and the truth is , to remember as a parent of a child, or a victim, the only one at fault is the person
                            that is "down with the sickness".

                            It has become as if we can not even let our children play outside anymore, to worry for their safety. To worry for
                            those predators lurking , just watching for an innocent victim, just waiting for that moment......and taking advantage of their vulnerabilities Preying on that innocence. There is no one more innocent than a child. A child is a true blessing, an angel in no desquize , just waiting and wishing for their dreams to come true, the depend on US., and loving and trusting in us unconditionally. Once that child 's soul has been broken their soul needs mending, they need true guidance
                            and acceptance and understanding of their tragedy. To be a victim is a reason not an excuse, but to give them hope and opportunity
                            is to give them a new reason of hope, and a new dream is to give them reason. To accept themselves is crucial and to accept a new beginning
                            is a new offering. To understand the meaning of forgiveness and to heal is the hardest part. But to forgive and to heal
                            in their own time, in their own way. Encouraging a child to inspire their inhibitions and to capture their pain
                            in a positive ways of expressing their emotions in productive ways they never dreamed they could, or ever thought they would.
                            A child has peace and happiness --it is their nature. To have that peace disturbed and to have their innocence violated is to disturb
                            the happiness of the path of their journey in their life.

                            Without proper therapy there is no dream. Their life is a path to a constant nightmare that never ends.

                            We all have a purpose and we must follow our dreams. We all must follow our journey to our destiny.

                            [Submitted by deedee]
                            Posted by: warchilin66
                            on Friday Feb 24 2017

                            Statistics on Trafficking. (human)
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                            Darlene Francis/cbd Media/redsea-rising/GUnner Slinger- Womens' Global Justice Org.

                            (ThOn 2005, TVPRA (Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act) addressed the factor of demand. The issue here stands at the fact that if there
                            is a decrease in the commercial sexual services, then there will be a decrease in the sex trafficking issue. After all, sex trafficking is a very
                            lucrative business. If there is no buyer, the business will slow down and the owner will choose another mean of generating money. A very important
                            step TVPRA took, was the authorization of a $50 million grant to the law enforcement and social services agency to develop program that target the
                            reducing of male demand and also investigate and prosecute buyers for commercial acts. (The Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology 2008)
                            However, there has not been happy ending on this issue and no victim has yet managed to wake up of the nightmare they are trapped in.

                            : Sex trafficking happens for many reasons: poverty, ignorance and complacency, strict immigration policies, etc. Poverty creates a great field of
                            action for sex traffickers. They lie to their victims by promising a better life in another country, an opportunity to take care of their family, to
                            raise their kids etc. Most of these victims are poor inside their soul. They are physically or sexually abused, denied by their family, refused by
                            society etc. The sex trafficker after analyzing their victim by using deceitful methods, they use their weakness to allure them into sex trafficking.
                            Luan Plakici, a 26-year-old political asylum seeker from Kosovo, after securing British citizenship, headed for Moldova where he romanced a 16-year-old,
                            married her and brought her back to Britain. While still on honeymoon he put her to work, servicing half a dozen clients. In the first year of their
                            marriage, he forced his teenage bride to have two abortions, putting her back to work the day after the procedure. Plakici was captured and sentenced
                            to 23 years of jail. ( 2007) Ignorance and Complacency cause of sexual trafficking involves the belief that sexual trafficking should
                            not be abolished. The renowned feminist Gloria Steinem declares that if sex sale would not be available than this society would be manifested by a
                            “cult of virgins”. Steinem sees sex trafficking and its consequences as a necessary ingredient in the wheel function of this society. (Gerdes 2007)
                            I feel pity for women like Steinem, that don't have a clue of what does it mean to be sexually trafficked against your will, drugged, beaten, forced
                            to have sex for 18 hours a day, paid $3 a day, threaten to kill their family if they escape, and sometimes used to donate their organs against their
                            will. Sex trafficking is not a cool game to play. It doesn't make you modernized to accept it. It makes you stupid to not be aware of the cause and
                            consequences and the lack of human rights. Last but not least, another reason for the existence of sex trafficking is the strict immigration rule that exists. “By making visas so prohibitively
                            difficult, Western Government assure that Ukrainians along with migrants from most of the rest of the world, must turn to people smugglers and traffickers”
                            (Hyde 2004) These developed nations accept the cheap labored work performed by these illegal immigrants, but they refuse to give them a chance to live in
                            these countries.

                            : Sex trafficking victims continues to increases every day more. e Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology 2008) In 2004, the US State Department that
                            18,500 women, men and children are trafficked each year in United States. (Gerdes 2006) In United States the sex trafficked victims comes merely from
                            South and Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa. Out of 170 cases of trafficking prosecuted from Department of Justice since 2000,
                            131 were sex trafficking cases.


                            Coalition Against Trafficking in Women. “CATW International.” Coalition Against Trafficking in Women. Oct 2008. 20 Nov. 2008 (http://www.catwinternational.
                            Gerdes, Louise. “Prostitution and Sex Trafficking.” 2006. 20. Nov. 2008 Greenhaven Press.
                            Malarek, Victor. “New Internationalist.” Meet the Traffickers. Sep 2007. 20 Nov. 2008 (
                            Lily Hyde. "Strict Immigration Policies Promote Sex Trafficking." Opposing Viewpoints: Prostitution and Sex Trafficking. Louise Gerdes. Detroit:
                            Greenhaven Press, 2006. Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center. Gale. California State Univ, Northridge. 20 Nov. 2008
                            Stolz, Barbara. “Criminal Justice” Educating policymakers and setting the criminal justice policymaking agenda. January 2005. 20 Nov. 2008
                            The Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology. “Traffickers” Aug 2008. 20 Nov. 2008 (

                            [Submitted by deedee]
                            Posted by: warchilin66
                            on Friday Feb 24 2017

                            Motown Records 50th Year Anniversary
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                            Darlene Francis /red sea rising / & Acklee King Jr Walker All Star Band Presents- Mo town Records 50th year Anniversary

                            Legacy Band Keeps Jr. Walker, Motown Spirit Alive

                            By GARY GRAFF
                            of the Oakland Press
                            updated by : Darlene Francis on Oct 18, 2010

                            » SOUND CHECK

                            When Motown saxophone player and band leader Jr. Walker died in 1995, former label executive Harvey Fuqua — who passed away himself on July 6 — encouraged associate Acklee King to put Walker’s All Stars back together and take them out on the road.

                            King did, with original All Stars Tony Washington and the late Victor Thomas, and 15 years later the group is not only going strong but has expanded into a more broad-based Motown act.

                            “What we’re doing now is a whole Motown revue,” reports King, 58, who grew up in Niles and is now based in Detroit.
                            The current edition of Jr. Walker’s Allstar Band taps into more Motown heritage.

                            To whether or not Tony continues to play or not is quoted as “That’s to Tony’s discretion,” King explains. “He turns 70 this year, so he’s slowing down a little. But there’s always a spot for him whenever he wants to come out and play, and those are very special shows.”

                            Walt Harvery Faqua signed only four people to his label in 1961.
                            Tony Washington
                            Victor Thomas
                            Willie Woods
                            Autrey DeWalt
                            After the passing of Jr. Walker in 1995, On Thanksgiving day . Tony, Victor, And Acklee reunited in the year of 1996.

                            FROM MOTOWN RECORDS
                            present A NIGHT OF MOTOWN 2009/2010 50TH ANNIVERSARY
                            2009-2010 -- Legendary Classic Motown Show is available for routing dates in your area.
                            Routing price and complete promotional kits are available with this show.
                            With Songs of the Motown Acts known for their great songs, harmony sounds, and choreography through-out the decades that helped define "The Sound of Young America."
                            Their shows are every bit as entertaining as it was in the sixties and seventies. Re-introduce the Legendary Classic Motown show to a whole new generation of fans.
                            Jr Walkers Allstar Band from Motown Records.
                            2002 GRAMMY HALL OF FAME INDUCTEE.
                            Today the band is still working side by side with Harvey Fuqua 49 years, later until his passing in 2010. From the years of 1961-2010.

                            The Legendary Classic Motown show featuring Hits of: The Supremes: Stop (In The Name of Love), Come See About Me; Martha and the Vandellas: Dancing In The Streets, Jimmy Mack; Marvelettes: Mr Post Man, Beachwood 45789; Gladys Knight & The Pips: Mid-Night Train To Georgia…and many, many more; The female part of "The Jr Walkers Allstar Band" is handled by a group affectionately known as "The Ladeez". The Ladeez being from Detroit have toured and worked with many of the Motown legends around the world helping to keep this music authenic. This list consist of FLO The Supremes, Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, Temptation Revue feat. Dennis Edwards, The Contours, Freda Payne, Laura Lee, The Floaters, The Dramatics, The Jones Girls, Carl Carlton, David Ruffin, Eddie Kendrick and The Miracles to name a few. The Ladeez are a great addition to Jr.Walkers Allstar Bands Motown sound.
                            The combination makes for a great evening.

                            Jr Walkers AllStar Band: ShotGun, What Does It Take (To Win Your Love), RoadRunner, Cleo's Back, These Eyes…and many many More. A HIGH ENERGY TAMLA MOTOWN SHOW!

                            Categories: Urban, R&B, Soul, Classic R&B, Motown, Holiday, '60s, '70s, '80s, '90s
                            * BOOKINGS: 231-629-1298 Email -email-

                            Motown 200950th Anniversary

                            updated written by Darlene Francis
                            telephone interview Oct 18, 2010

                            [Submitted by deedee]
                            Posted by: warchilin66
                            on Friday Feb 24 2017

                            animal abuse
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                            "Put Down The Coffee"

                            I would like to share a little information about this organization and it's purpose. What I am trying to do with my non profit organization is to make a
                            difference for the lives of the innocent and maybe even make this world a better place for them. At least make a statement for those that cannot. I feel
                            as if there is entirely too much devastation in the lives of many. Some human beings are affecting so many lives in mass destruction, torment, and also death.
                            Some human beings have stopped caring about their environment and about the ecological consequences of their actions, or have simply given up hope. I plan
                            to expand this organization based on several different concepts. I intend to contribute in a positive, productive means to our society. There are many
                            crucial issues to be resolved, and there is a lot to be done. We must come together as friends and as a community to support each other, as well as
                            protecting the innocent one day at a time, one issue at a time. What has become of mankind? What is to become of our existence? What is to become of the
                            future of these God's creatures and of the future of our own children? People must begin to realize and start to care about the world in which we live.
                            Is there no compassion or humanity? What has become of our wildlife is an outrage. Our exotic creatures have become endangered and on the verge of
                            extinction. The every day torture of these animals, slaughtered simply just for the hell of it, skinned alive for their furs or slain for their tusks,
                            all for monetary value or accessories. Even worse, the manufacturing of human consumption is sickening. Not to mention, the conduction of scientific
                            experiments and the animal fights which are barbaric. Have we as human beings just accepted this as normal daily social behavior? We must control the
                            issues from which we have created. We must begin to realize that there are others that suffer from our consequential actions. Actions being by nature,
                            in nature, affected by all the ways of mankind, affecting us all. Animal cruelty all together, is so far out of it's limits of unjustifiable excuses.
                            How anyone can endure any kind of intentional pain on another other soul is beyond me, especially one so innocent. How can anyone look at an innocent
                            creature in the eye and cause them pain? They must have evil in their soul. This is an outrage that is out of control and something must be done. People
                            have gotten away with this for way too long and it must be stopped. This behavior is not acceptable and should not be tolerated. This is heart breaking.
                            These precious beings are alone. They have no one to help them. They are hurt, captured , silenced, hungry, and they are frightened. Afraid to be alive,
                            afraid of the future, and wanting to die.
                            What is ahead of this road before us? Will the damage be done? Or Will something be done? These are the concerns of many living souls. We must do damage

                            The abuse of and about our murine life is another life threatening breakdown. This beauty on our earth is so incredibly stricken by chaotic turmoil, and
                            closing many doors to survival in general. Environmental issues, which are a subject within itself. Pollution and oceanic debris are so far out of it's
                            limits, and so far and beyond the horizon all together.
                            We have a choice to make this world a better environment, it wont happen overnight, but it can happen.
                            Taking a good walk, to improve our health, and picking up a few cans, a few plastic bottles, some plastic
                            bags, to start teaching our children better habits, and to care about our animals, our lives, and our earth.
                            Recycling more often, more often than once a year. Not to mention the money that can be earned to
                            save lives. To make our air cleaner. If we all joined together more than once a year, and picked up this earth, and
                            went to the recycling plants. We could save a lot of animals, and lives. We could purify the air in which we live and breathe. We
                            have the knowledge. We have the factories. There are no excuses. Something must be done.

                            [Submitted by deedee]
                            Posted by: warchilin66
                            on Friday Feb 24 2017

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