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Ken Pinkstaff Bio

Ken Pinkstaff Bio

Ken Pinkstaff is no stranger to the music business, having spent over 25 years as a professional guitarist, backup vocalist and writer. He has had some amazing mentors through the years who taught him the importance of allowing his creativity and skill to flow through his guitar and pen. Before the inception of his band, RED SEA RISING, Ken worked with a diverse group of musicians, producers and directors honing his craft and ghosting his way through the music and movie industry. Ken brings a wealth of talent and drive to the table. He is the owner of MetalHawk Productions, Ears and Eyes Productions, Pinkstaff Publishing, and his band 3 Worlds Away. His goal is to encourage a commitment from everyone to give back to their world through involvement with charitable organizations.

As a musician from the generation that emerged from the Sunset Strip, Ken took the influences of the hard rock monsters that surrounded him. He became a multifaceted musician, producer, and engineer and later recorded and produced his band’s album “Eye of the Storm” under Interscope/Universal.

Ken surrounded himself with the top film producers that taught him over the years production values, editing, producing and directing. Ken learned the art of pitching sit coms and movies from these mentors. He worked in many different positions as a grip, foley artist, cold reader, editor, daily rushes included in sixteen hour days on the set.

“The band does a wonderful job with their music sounding tight and well produced and mixed but not overly done so that you can appreciate all elements of their talents. “Gunner Slinger” is a perfect example of just that tight quality of sound with shredding guitars, a driving bassline and great drums to complete an instrumental song that exemplifies rock and roll completely.”
RED SEA RISING “Eye Of The Storm” CD Review By: Macavity
by: Shauna O'Donnell - Muen Magazine

“Understanding that every instrument has its part to play, both in the song and in the mix, is tricky, but in that respect "Eye of the Storm" proves that you can have a power metal arrangement in which the instruments don't have to fight for your attention all the time in the song and in the mix. Throughout "Eye of the Storm" each instrument is showcased in it's own way, whether it be a scorching guitar solo, a clever accompaniment, a harmonized vocal phrase or a galloping bass drum and snare pattern, each instrument brings something to every song that helps to enforce the arrangement instead of dominating it. This is no easy feat, but Red Sea Rising seem to have the knack for writing accompanying melodies and harmonies that fill in the gaps in the background of the composition, and slot each instrument in it's own place in the mix.”

The solid rhythms work as a platform for Ken's solos to take off into the stratosphere. Gunner Slinger (the album’s sole instrumental track) will be any guitarists favorite track as it showcases the shredability Ken possesses as he soars through the scales and nails pesky tremolo phrases with ease. His guitar tone is reminiscent of what you would come to expect from any stylistic soloist in the genre of power metal.”
By Zack Brenneman
Global Entertainment Mag

2016 has proven to be a demanding and productive year. Ken works with an unsurpassed song writing team with a proven track record.

How Will You Make A Difference?

Our Network feels a strong sense of responsibility to help make our world a better place .Our music world gives us the privilege of giving back to our world through our advocacy of many charitable organizations in the United States and throughout the world. This company has been set up BY musicians for musicians and film artists. We are founded on the premise that we have been blessed and have an obligation and responsibility to give back to our world. Our mission is to work to alleviate suffering & death, encourage organ donation, aid with disaster relief and be our brother’s keeper. Our primary endeavor is to draw musicians and film makers to our site so that they can participate in their own success, but our secondary motive is to encourage these same musicians and film makers to give back to their worlds through advocacy of charitable causes. We have an army of artists from all aspects of the entertainment field working to promote their vision to help change the world. Our network speaks for itself, they are the finest the entertainment Industry has to offer.



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