News Item: Wake Up Everyone!
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Posted by RadicalRed

Hi, there! Radical Red from Texas here to wake you up and get your mind going. Have YOU been getting the airplay you deserve? Are you getting the gigs you expect to get at your level of expertise? Will you be able to make a living as a musician the way things are going today? Nooooooooo???? We are here to help you get airplay, get exposure and even help get you jobs at venues if we can! Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that RSR Trip Radio is also going to give some of you the chance to win prizes, gear packages, money..and yes, one band even wins a record deal!

Tell your fellow metalheads, indie rockers, alternative, americana, country, red dirt, texas country, jazz, blues (you get the picture yet?) and every other musician from any genre to hook themselves up here.

Wake yourselves up and do something to participate in your own success in a huge way...sign up for RSR and get ready to share in some of the recognition that you KNOW you deserve.

The Renegade Revolution is coming for you!
[Submitted by Radical Red]

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