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Help Build 100 Doghouses for Freezing Dogs by Christmas

IFAW is racing to build doghouses for 100 dogs that are set to spend the frigid Canadian winter outside.
The urgent request came from a concerned resident of a Northern Canadian community in which IFAW provides free wellness clinics. In his words:
"Help - I am trying to find money to build dog houses for the people who can’t even afford to feed their pets, let alone house them properly."
The temperatures are already dipping below freezing, so we urgently need to buy the materials and build the doghouses.
I'd hate to think that these dogs - some of them just puppies - will be exposed to the bitter cold and wind, shivering as they try to sleep on the ice and frozen snow.
I know some of the puppies won't survive.
Can you please help us build these doghouses to keep these dogs warm this winter?
The doghouses we want to build for them will be made of thick wood to help insulate the dogs from the cold, they'll have flap doors to help reduce wind chill, and will have rubber floors to protect the dogs against the snow and ice and frozen ground.
Your gift will help us purchase the materials to buy the doghouses and build will help our Northern Dogs program continue to provide lifesaving care to the dogs in these disadvantaged communities...and it will be used immediately and where most needed to protect and care for animals like these dogs who need us so much.
Each sturdy doghouse will cost about $100 to build in materials and building costs, and we are hoping to raise enough funds so that we will have the materials in place to build 100 doghouses by Christmas.
Will you please help with a gift of $100?
I know $100 is a lot to ask, but please know that your gift will do so much to help keep these dogs warm and safe from the harsh Canadian Winter, and it will also help us purchase blankets, medicine, and vaccines for these Northern Dogs and help rescue and care for animals in our other lifesaving projects.
Of course, any amount you can spare will be greatly appreciated and will help animals more than you know.
But please hurry. Snow is already on the ground and frigid temperatures are moving in. Many community members simply can't afford to build or buy their own doghouses. So they've turned to us for help.

Can you please help us give animals like these dogs a happy and warm Christmas by giving a gift today?

Thank you for caring,
Fred O'Regan
IFAW President
p.s. This urgent request to help build doghouses in Northern Canada is part of IFAW's Holiday Gift program. In appreciation of your generous contribution of $40 or more, IFAW will send you a gift specially-made for IFAW supporters.

[Submitted by Ken Pinkstaff]

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