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Posted by warchilin66

So this a test from the mission control center on telling all of you to get ready for SLINGERS new launch coming out soon on Universal music group.. We also have many new Technologies that we will be showing to the world . Slinger band will be playing the Festival of Hope concert and kicking off world tour. Our website platform will be doing band competitions for the festival of hope on our website. Were going to unleash a new music app that will change the music world so stay tuned for that .We also will be bringing reality rock n roll shows to our site as well you will be able to check out whats going on behind the scenes beamed back to my network .We will have 30 radio stations that will be carrying battle of the bands world wide. We will be giving real prizes to the winners from the competitions we will be doing so bands can win real prizes .When you come to our website and sign up for an account we will give bands free radio play on our stations .There will be so much more to come so stay tuned.,

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