News Item: 5G Is Closer Than You Think
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Posted by Patty Pinkstaff

5G Closer Than You Think

The technology that will revolutionize the way people and companies use mobile devices is closer than you think.

Good bye to buffering and slow load times…

With 5G, carriers will be able to keep up with the growing demand for mobile data fueled by the explosive growth of streaming video. It will also enable much faster connections, with speeds on par with Google Fiber's fixed line connections. Reduced latency will make wireless connections more suitable for everything from online gaming to medical devices.
High bandwidth and speed will be the first benefits of 5G Tests show transfers can reach 2 gigabits per second, hitting similar speeds as fixed fiber technology
Thousands descended on the Mobile World Congress 2018 conference this week to await the arrival of 5G networking. The GSMA consortium that puts on the show estimates that by 2025 about 14 percent of all global connections will be made using a 5G network. That’s roughly 1.2 billion 5G connections annually by 2025.

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